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General Practitioners are invited to join Dr Anand Deva for a discussion about Integrated Care and the new centre at Figtree Private Hospital.

Integrated Specialist Healthcare Education and Research Foundation (ISHCERF), in partnership with the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District and the NSW Ministry of Health, have established a new integrated care centre at Figtree.

The delivery of healthcare in Australia is underpinned by a commitment to universal access, shaped by the introduction of Medicare in 1974. As a young country, Australia decided that the maintenance and preservation of the health and well-being of its citizens is a vital goal and that a healthy country will continue to grow and succeed. There are, however, some significant challenges ahead, which will require a new and more cooperative approach to unlock efficiencies, affordability and to ensure that public health investment and expenditure lead to sustained improvement in health outcomes. There are four forces that threaten to challenge our healthcare system going forward namely, the rise in chronic disease and ageing of the population, the transactional nature of MBS funding, skewed to acute in hospital procedures, higher costs for treatment/technologies and the fragmented adversarial and competitive healthcare system, impacting access and affordability.

“There are a growing number of Australians who are stuck between a public system that they are not sick enough to quickly access and a private system that is out of reach” Professor Anand Deva, AFR 2017. There is one model that addresses these factors head on and that is integrated care. Integrated care enables the patient to access the entire range of services that they need, from improving health literacy, identification and lowering of disease risk through prevention, early diagnosis and early intervention and in the face of established illness, using medical and allied interventions to stabilise and improve the quality of life for patients with chronic disease. The Integrated Specialist Healthcare Education and Research Foundation (ISCHERF) has a track record of delivering working models of integrated care across NSW and has now partnered with the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District to establish new integrated care services.

These clinics will cover a range of diseases including the treatment of skin cancer, obesity and chronic degenerative joint disease. 

Join Professor Deva to find out about how you as a GP in primary care, can become an integral part of delivering these models to the people of the Illawarra and how you can be a part of building better healthcare for the future.


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