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HealthChange Methodology is a health service delivery methodology that enables health service providers to embed person-centred care into clinical consultations, care planning, discharge planning, disease management, health promotion, rehabilitation, return to work and other health services.

Whilst there are pockets of excellence within our district, SNSWLHD is committed to providing a consistent approach to patient-centred care across the LHD. HealthChange Methodology was chosen to be the vehicle for this because it is an evidence informed methodology that can embed patient- centred care in a systematic, measurable and consistent way across all types of services and programs.

HealthChange Methodology provides a systematic approach to meeting patient or client needs for effective health literacy, shared decision making, behaviour change and self-management support.

Benefits to health service providers and programs can be better health and quality of life outcomes and satisfaction for patients, better job satisfaction and time efficiency for staff, reduced no show rates and more cost effective use of resources for organisations.

The methodology embeds care consistency across teams and services and enhances the effectiveness of clinical consultations, care planning, care coordination, patient education programs and rehabilitation services in primary, community and acute care. It can be applied face to face, via telephone, in groups and via mobile technology.

Attendees of this workshop may be eligible for 4 hours of CPD points.

For more information or to register, contact Janice Dalton 6150 7510

VENUE: Community Health, Collette Street and Erin Street, Queanbeyan NSW 2620