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Virtual Workshop for MPAs and their Practice Managers

Attention all MPAs, this is for you!...…and we encourage your PM to attend as well. 

With the pressures that are on the general practice workforce at present MPAs are a valuable resource! With skills to support both clinical and administrative areas, MPAs have the potential to increase practice capacity by creating space for other staff to work to top of scope. 

COORDINARE wants to support MPAs and their practice managers to utilise and embed the skills they’ve developed in training. To help with this, COORDINARE is running an online workshop for MPAs and their PMs to attend together.

The workshop is designed to help you understand the scope of work that an MPA can perform and the ways they can be effectively utilized within the practice team. There will also be business cases presented that highlight how to optimise the MPA role. With an ever-growing workforce of qualified MPAs in the South Eastern NSW catchment (approx 40) this will also be a great opportunity to network, share ideas and learn from one another.

Presenter: Cathy Baynie

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is open to MPAs (and their Practice Managers) who are working in General Practices located within the SENSW PHN region ONLY.

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For any queries contact Linda Brown 0448 039 999 or Linda Blackmore 0448 467 636.